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At NY SpeechTime, Evaluations are provided and intervention plans are developed incorporating speech and language goals specific to your child's needs. Parent involvement is critical and mandatory in the therapy process to ensure that speech and language skills carryover to their natural environment and daily living activities.

What is Speech Language Pathology? The practice of diagnosis and treatment of a communication delay/disorder. The following is a list of communicative Delays/Disorders treated at NY SpeechTime. 
Expressive Language Delay/Disorder- The child has difficulty expressing thoughts or feelings in a clear and precise manner.

Receptive Language Delay/Disorder- The child has difficulty understanding language.

Oral Motor Issues- Strengthening of the oral motor cavity to increase intra-oral motor speech to increase speech production.

Articulation Delay/Disorder - The most common speech disorder. Difficulty producing speech sounds in a clear manner that can be easily understood by listeners.

Phonological Delay/Disorder - The child may have difficulty understanding how sounds within a language combine to convey meaning.

Fluency Delay/Disorder - A disruption in the natural flow of speech. Also known as stuttering. For example, the child may repeat sound in words or entire words.

Pragmatic Language Delay/Disorder- The child has difficulty with his/her social skills.

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