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Gitty Leiner, M.S., CCC-SLP

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Summer Therapy in The Hamptons

Children Should Not Take a Summer Vacation From Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Services provided in Southampton
(Home Therapy Sessions Upon Availability)

Gitty Leiner, M.S., CCC-SLP

PARENTS:  Children experience challenges and frustrations during the school year, and often do not continue receiving speech therapy during the summer months.  Summer months are often spent without the therapeutic support so greatly needed for social communication within the home and community environments. Continued intervention throughout the summer would reinforce skills that have already been achieved, as well as provide opportunities to develop new ones. In September, children should enter school with a level of readiness, and a sense of excitement to learn.

A typical frequency of therapeutic intervention during the school year usually includes services of speech therapy twice a week on an individual basis. Following 10 months of consistent reinforcement required for successful functioning. If speech therapy was required on such a frequent basis throughout the school year to achieve success shouldn’t speech therapy continue to be provided throughout the summer?  Unless speech therapy is maintained, challenges and frustrations will likely continue throughout the summer, interfering with a child’s performance, for example: communicating what he or she wants to the ice cream man, engaging with children on play dates at the beach, and participating in summer camp activities that require focusing, following directions, taking turns and making new friends.

In order to provide the support needed throughout the summer months, once again, Gitty Leiner,        M.S. CCC-SLP, is available to see children at her Southampton office.

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